How Twitter Can Power Your Professional Learning

Having a good network of other educators interested in the same topics and issues you are is a strong approach to powering your professional learning. Twitter and other social media can help feed that learning and build your network.

Principal Matt Renwick writes about how Twitter can be overwhelming, but smart use of Twitter, and supporting tools, can fuel your professional learning network (PLN).

[Watching Twitter posts from new Twitter users] reminded me of my own initial experience with Twitter, almost four years ago. I had this sense of discovery, followed by a realization that learning from Twitter without ways to manage it was like drinking from an open fire hydrant. I had to control the flow somewhat in order to make this social media tool work for me.

So think of Twitter as a water well or line for your home. You don’t have just one line coming into your residence for all your water needs, right? One line goes toward a bathroom, another toward a sink, and maybe another toward your outdoor faucets. Each line serves a different function.

Matt goes on to suggest approaches to favorite tweets to come back to later, creating lists and organizing Twitter streams, and finding balance.

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