Maine Announces Learning Technology Framework

The true value of laptops and tablets in schools is not learning to use the technology, but rather using the technology to learn.

The Maine Learning Technology Initiative (MLTI) have been in place since 2002 and has certainly helped close the Digital Access Divide in Maine. But almost 15 years in, our data show that our students are still stuck at just using their devices for word processing, presenting and online research, skills we certainly want students to develop, but don’t go far enough in supporting student learning. We need to help close the Digital Learning Divide.

me_learntech_frameworkThe Learning Through Technology Team at the Maine Department of Education has released the Maine Learning Technology Framework to support teachers, tech leads, librarians and other school leaders in their efforts to leverage technology to improve student learning.

The Framework describes the key elements and components needed to get the greatest learning benefit from a district’s technology investment.

At the center of the Framework is a focus on student learning, surrounded by the school’s vision for the kinds of learning experiences they value and want to see in their schools.

Student learning is supported and undergirded by five pillars: Leadership, Professional Learning, Learning-Focused Access, Definition of Success, and Responsible Use.

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