What is an Adequate Learning Device?

We have seen it happen too often. Too many schools are selecting a device for their students based mostly on either the ease of management by the tech lead or the one-time purchase price or both.

We don’t believe that ease of management or one-time cost are the right prime criteria for selecting a device in schools, especially if your goal shifts from ensuring that every child has access to a device to ensuring that every child has quality learning experiences.

But should those criteria be?

Adequate Learning DeviceWe have started asking Maine’s educators this question: What is an adequate learning device?

We concede that criteria should include that the solution is:

  • affordable
  • easily managed
  • functional for state (online) testing
  • capable of word-processing, presenting, and online researching

But none of these get to the question of what is a “learning device”!

What else should a learning device be able to do? What services or supports should come with it? What kinds of apps or peripherals would it need? What features and capabilities would the device have?

Help us answer these questions! Please post your thoughts in the Comments.


2 thoughts on “What is an Adequate Learning Device?

  1. Learning devices should allow students to be “prosumers” (producers and consumers of content) and give the end user the opportunity to become critical thinkers,


  2. Creativity enablers – Students need to be able to create at their own level and understanding original pieces of art and music, and/or construct designs, graphs, and projects that demonstrate their acquisition of content while extending, applying, and exploring their new learning. For example, does the tool help the student to gather primary sources and facts that can prove or disprove theories? Does the tool help a student to assemble a presentation, perhaps like a skit, a movie, a game, or an invention, that indicates his or her thought processes during the learning. Can the device aid the student in pulling together various aspects of the topic that stamps his or her ownership and involvement in a creative way? Is the work comfortably challenging and enjoyable during the stages of learning and the demonstration of the learning?


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