Would This Help With Proficiency-based Learning and Teacher Effectiveness?

Would it help your school with your proficiency-based diploma work and your PEPG/teacher effectiveness work if you could bring in professional development in any or all of these six areas?  


If so, we may be able to help you.

This is the Plain English Instructional Model that MLTI is leveraging to help emphasize our focus on learning and is shaping the professional development we are providing schools. We hope it equally applies to proficiency-based diploma and teacher effectiveness work.

If you are an MLTI school, then professional learning support is already paid for and included in your solution. 

Few schools are taking advantage of this service, and we know that that is mostly because you are working on your proficiency-based diploma and your teacher effectiveness work. We know, too, that sometimes you just think of MLTI as the technology (which is why we’re trying to make clear our focus on learning through frameworks like the Plain English Instructional Model).

Anyone in an MLTI school/grade level can request professional learning support: teacher, tech lead, principal, etc.

Also, you don’t have to wait for a workshop day or early release day. Our professional learning specialists will come and work shoulder to shoulder with classroom teachers during the school day. We have several models of how this might work in your school. 

Request professional learning services here and we’ll contact you to figure out how to best meet your needs. Professional learning will be customized to your challenges, interests, and context.