MLTI is a Massive Failure: What We Can Do

Governor Says MLTI is Massive FailureOn Friday, October 14, 2016, Maine’s Governor Paul LePage announced that he believes the Maine Learning Technology Initiative (MLTI) has been a massive failure.

Now, we could get mad, or argue, or blame, or call someone and complain…

But in truth, MLTI has become better known for the technology than the learning, and we have become stuck at word processing, presenting and online research. 

So instead, let’s do things in our classrooms and schools to show that MLTI isn’t a failure.

There are four things that schools can do to change everyone’s mind:

Collect Your Stories: What are your stories of positively impacting student learning though MLTI? Let’s not just collect those anecdotal stories about individual students, but especially those that describe reaching lists of students or hard-to-teach students. (Send us your stories!)

Take Better Care of the Devices: I’m sure we would all like to lower our breakage rates and repair costs. Some schools have already figured out strategies that successfully do that.


Focus on the Learning: We need to talk about the devices less and talk about instruction more. We need to figure out the kinds of learning experiences and instruction we want in our classrooms and identify how technology can help open opportunities for those pedagogues.


Participate in Professional Development: Professional development is included in the MLTI solution. There is no extra cost; it is already paid for. Any educator, tech integrator, tech lead, principal, or district administrator can request PD. And it can be customized to your needs. It doesn’t have to be for a workshop day or early release day. And it doesn’t have to be for all your teachers or a group of teachers. It can be to work shoulder to shoulder with a teacher in the classroom. And even if you think you don’t need MLTI PD, or you’re feeling that you don’t have time for MLTI PD because of your other initiatives, remember that MLTI PD focuses on instruction and learning and will likely help you better use your MLTI devices for those initiatives.


Please don’t wait for the DOE or the MLTI teams to change everyone’s mind. We can’t do it alone. We need all MLTI educators and schools to work on this. 
Please bring this message to your Superintendents, to your Curriculum Coordinators, to your Tech Directors, to your Principals, and to your teachers. 
There are concrete things we can do!