MLTI Fall 2016 Update Notes

The Fall 2016 MLTI Update – new team members; Update on the 2016 Apple refresh; wifi support update; MLTI under scrutiny; What we can do to ensure the future of MLTI … More MLTI Fall 2016 Update Notes


Moving Beyond Word Processing, Presenting, and Online Research

With all Maine’s access to devices and broadband, our data show that students are stuck at using their devices for word processing, presenting and online research, skills we want students to develop, but by themselves don’t justify our investments in learning technology and connectivity. How can we help schools move beyond word pressing, presenting, and online research? … More Moving Beyond Word Processing, Presenting, and Online Research

Maine Announces Learning Technology Framework

The true value of laptops and tablets in schools is not learning to use the technology, but rather using the technology to learn. The Maine Learning Technology Initiative (MLTI) have been in place since 2002 and has certainly helped close the Digital Access Divide in Maine. But almost 15 years in, our data show that our students are still … More Maine Announces Learning Technology Framework